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The Kellerdoscope


Another watercolor painting by Svend Keller (watercolor and pencil on paper board). The original is slightly larger than what fits on my scanner, so I had to sacrifice a little bit of the sky and some areas at the edges. What can be seen here, however (about 23 cm x 30 cm), is probably approximately what would have been visible if the passe-partout was still there. The four corners of the original show rests of glue showing where it had been fixed. Probably, there had been a signature, date and title on that lost paper frame. On the right side (at the downmost window) the paper is slightly torn. I think we will have this piece framed again.

This is in Chemnitz in the summer of 1948. Ruins like the ones shown here formed a typical component of the cityscape of German cities after the war and existed well into the…

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