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A Chat in the Cold

The number of followers on my art blog The Kellerdoscope is increasing with each post. Today, only minutes after posting this, I got two new followers. Very soon, there will be so many followers that I can release that blog from the coaching it has so far been receiving from The Asifoscope. Up to now, I have reblogged everything I had posted on the Kellerdoscope on The Asifoscope soon after, but I will soon stop doing so soon.
I will reblog posts from there only occasionally, e.g. if I start a new series there that might be interesting for another group of people. So if you are a follower of The Asifoscope and you are interested in the things I am posting on The Kellerdoscope as well, you are invited to click the “Follow” button there as well, if you have not done so already :-).

The Kellerdoscope


An undated and unsigned sketch by Rolf Keller, paper, about 13 cm x 18 cm. I am not quite sure about the material used here; he seems to have used some kind of black and grey crayon, maybe pastel.

I don’t know where and when he saw and sketched this little scene, maybe in the waiting room of a railway station or in a park. The style of the coats (like the line of buttons on the side instead of the middle of the woman’s coat) and of the hats and the long dress might give a hint at the time, but I am not an expert in the history of fashion. I can only guess that this drawing is from the 1930s.

What I find intriguing in this sketch is the economy of the strokes. In a way that is quite typical for some of Rolf Keller’s sketches, the…

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