What is a Crime?

The Asifoscope

File:Bundesarchiv Bild 183-R70579, Carl von Ossietzky im KZ.jpg

If you could introduce a secure system to prevent crime by finding criminals before they even commit the crimes, would that not be great. A system to find all the dangerous terrorists before they harm anybody? And if you yourself are neither criminal nor terrorist, what do you have to fear from such a system, even if it means losing privacy? The governments reads all our emails and knows our every phone call and move and can thus protect us from the bad boys.

The problem with this is: what constitutes a crime is a matter of definition. The definition can be changed by the government.

A government may define as a crime any of the following: belonging to the opposition, being a Jew, being black, being an intellectual, being poor, being democratic, being Muslim, being atheist, being homosexual, whatever. For each of these “crimes” there are contemporary or historic…

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