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Bach’s greatest Masterpiece

Just listening to one of Bach’s violin concertos…

The Asifoscope


When Johann Sebastian Bach died, he took his greatest masterpiece into the grave. This was not a piece of music that he never had the chance to write down, it was more, it was, in a sense, all of his music.

If you are able to improvise music in any style, you will notice that you don’t have to construct it in a laborious process. It just comes, it flows out. You can control it to some degree, choosing to go this way or that way where there is a choice, but you do not have to think about all the rules of harmony, melody or rhythm.

It is known that Bach was able to improvise polyphonic music on keyboard instruments. So he probably did not “construct” his music, thinking consciously about every single note, he could just play or write it.

In fact we all have a similar ability…

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