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Hyper-Communicativity Syndrome (HCS)

What is normal? Who defines what is normal? Normality is an as-if-construction. How would the “normal people” be viewed if they where just 5% of the population.

The Asifoscope

File:Wilhelm Schreuer Kaffeekränzchen.jpg

I hope that the following satirical text will not offend some of my followers who will find themselves being diagnosed with a psychiatric syndrome. I am counting on your sense of humor. Unfortunately, nerdish humor might be different from yours, so should you feel insulted by the following, blame my nerdishnes and please accept my apology 🙂

I am a nerd. Nerds belong to a minority personality type. We are somewhere in the middle between those who think they are normal and those who are being diagnosed with “Asperger’s Syndrome”.

There is currently a tendency to turn more and more minority personality types into “Syndromes”. Money can be made with this. Medications and therapies and books can be sold. Psychiatry handbook authors have been found to be on the payrolls or the pharmaceutical industry and as a result, more and more normal people are diagnosed with some kind of condition…

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