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Towards the Philosophy of Decay

Abandoned, decaying buildings are philosophically interesting, both in their aesthetics and in their ontology. I am going to write a few words about both aspects here, although by no means in an exhaustive way. Aesthetics The aesthetical aspect of such places is brought to us by an increasing number of photographers who explore such places in … Continue reading


Bagatelle II

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Today I was in Museum Küppersmühle in Duisburg to see the big ongoing K.O. Götz retrospective. This exhibition was previously shown in Berlin and will move to Wiesbaden in June (see This exhibition, the largest of several exhibitions currently showing works of this artist, is really worth a visit. Friends of…

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Living leaves traces. These traces retain some information about what happened, but this record is always incomplete. As historians or biographers of our own lives and the lives of the others, we are left with fragments and fading images of previous life. Creativity and history belong together. Creativity generates new information and novel things. These new … Continue reading

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The Creative Process of the Artist

Originally posted on The Kellerdoscope:
In this article, I want to start an investigation about the creative processes of artists and the knowledge used in creating art. Let me start by introducing the concept of analytical spaces. In a previous article I have described the concept of analytical spaces, developed by my friend Kurt Ammon,…