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10 thoughts on “Footprint

    • What inspired this was a part of your comment on http://kellerdoscope.wordpress.com/2014/04/03/the-creative-process-of-the-artist/ : “What I would like most to convey is this. When collecting a piece of fine art, the collector is receiving more than the time spent on each piece. Each body of work carries the past and present experiences on so many levels.”

      I thought that this is so in everything we do. The traces of our actions, be it a work of art, an old letter or a foot print on the beach, or even just a photograph of a foot print, are just traces of our thoughts, which in turn carry in them our whole biographies and the history before us. Most of these moments are forgotten and lost, and we are left with only those traces that are not washed away by the waves of life.

      The richness of the original moments cannot be regained from what is left since our memories are also only incomplete traces. If it is the traces of somebody else’s thoughts, like in art created by others, we might just be able to make out a dim outline of what once was. But this makes those traces precious. And in viewing the work of art, the trace of a rich and colorful moment of life of somebody else, we experience a rich moment of life, again, a different moment of our own life.

      • Exactly. I think in today’s hustle and bustle it is so easy to miss that. Your writing here has brilliantly brought to us a moment for each to pause, think and reflect on the creative process that brings us altogether in a very precious way. I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m feeling that I need to slow down in my own life and soak in the richness that life has to offer. What’s the phase…..take time to smell the roses. Thank you.

        • Thank you.
          This is what I also feel in my current project of transcribing the letter’s of my grandfather and grandmother. A few days ago, after reading through a lot of these letters, I dreamt of him. Of course, this dream was just a construction of my brain, put together from memories, pictures and the letters, but it was still a nice experience.

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