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Selling the Acropolis

Embassy of the Future

File:Attica 06-13 Athens 50 View from Philopappos - Acropolis Hill.jpg

The ongoing crisis in some European countries is endangering their cultural heritage. Countries like Greece and Italy contain enormous treasures of works of art and architecture worth preserving, spanning the time from the stone age through antiquity right up to the 21st century. A lot of this is cultural heritage is state owned. The financial situation of some cities and states forces them to close museums or even privatize some buildings or works of art in order to generate funds.

So, to preserve the heritage of buildings, works of art, books, documents, films etc., to keep them accessible for science and scholarship as well as for an interested public, money is needed.

For this purpose, the European Union could step in. The EU could create a European Cultural Foundation (or a bunch of such organizations) and endow it with a large amount of money. This “ECF” could start local or national…

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