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A Note on Analytic Philosophy

Creativistic Philosophy

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In a recent interview, philosopher Peter Unger talks about his forthcoming book about analytic philosophy, “Empty Ideas” (see The base line is that it is basically nonsense. I tend to agree. I always had the impression that most of analytic philosophy is not worth spending time on and I have actually avoided it. I always felt it was dry, barren and fruitless.

To cite Unger:

Generally, though, they’re mostly incorrect offerings, with counterexamples, and it keeps changing and keeps changing, until everyone becomes bored with the topic, and then they go on to something else. It’s not as though anything ever gets established, except for very trivial things, nor is it that anything ever gets refuted. Rather, things become old hat and fashions change. But this general way of doing things hasn’t changed. In about seventy or eighty years, as far as I can tell, in terms of…

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