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Generating Objects – Towards a Procedural Ontology

A topic I am fighting with a bit. The ideas are clear to me; however, the problem is how to present them. I am still struggling to put these ideas into a form that is easy to understand and even interesting. I hope things will become clearer with future articles, elucidating the connections of this stuff to semantics, the theory of knowledge, creativity and other topics. At the moment, it is maybe not yet clear what I am driving at here…

Creativistic Philosophy

File:Aufnahme einzelner Magnetisierungen gespeicherter Bits auf einem Festplatten-Platter..jpg

What is an object? How are objects constituted? What does it mean for an object to exist? In this article, I want to start to approach these philosophical questions by using some concepts derived from computer science. I will develop this further in later articles. In later articles, I am going to apply these ideas outside the area of computers or technology, but the initial example is from the area of computing. I am planning also, in later articles, to expand this framework of ideas into areas like semantics and the theory of knowledge. So this article is only the beginning (although some ideas from this complex have already shown up in previous articles on The Asifoscope).

An Example

I am using a word processor to write this text. The word processor is providing me with a “realm” or “world” of objects like pages, paragraphs, footnotes, headers, footers, etc. The…

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