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Are Human Beings Rational?

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Creativistic Philosophy

File:Aristoteles Louvre.jpg

There is a long tradition to regard the human being as a rational creature. For example, Aristotle defined the human being as the “animal rationale“ or “zoon logikon”. However, if we look at what humans think, say and write and how they behave, we will find a lot of behavior and thinking that we would call irrational.

So it seems to me that idea of the human mind as something intrinsically rational is just a myth. Moreover, not all of us would probably agree on what to regard as rationality. Looking into the history of ideas and philosophy would also show that concepts of rationality have changed over time.

It seems to me that rationality – of the kind normally nowadays understood by this term – is not a built-in feature of the human mind and the type of rationality that has led to the development of logic and science…

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