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Hereditary privileges in today’s global society

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
(Rebloged from the “Blog of Tsish”. Tsish is an extraterestial friend of mine from outer space.) As an extraterestrian researcher, I have hardly found a planet so fascinating as yours. Your planet’s problems, can be summarized in the one line that you have very highly developed asifomatics combined with very rudimentary…

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Redefining our Relationship with the Future – Part 2

Originally posted on Embassy of the Future:
Currently we are treating the future like colonizers of the 19th and early 20th century where treating their overseas colonies. On one hand, we are extracting resources from that “colonized future”, but on the other hand we are projecting some high tech dreams into it, pretending that economic…

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Redefining our Relationship with the Future – Part 1

Originally posted on Embassy of the Future:
The suggestions I have been making on this blog might seem unfamiliar, so I want to explain some of the considerations behind them. In some states at least, human rights are implemented in terms of laws and institutions. Generally, the human-rights-situation is better in countries that have human…

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On Truth

In my previous post, I argued that observations are always theory-dependent. However, theories might be wrong. Evidence for or against them comes from those same observations. If there is no absolute “bird’s eye view” from which to judge their truth, the absolute establishment of truth is impossible. There might be just one truth about reality, … Continue reading