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Building a Time Machine

Some more ideas (in the line of thought already started on the “Embassy of the Future” blog, on how a sustainable economy could function and what would be required to get there. Utopian maybe, but not in the technological sense one might suspect from the title.

Embassy of the Future

File:Liquid helium dewar.jpg

In this article, I am explaining how to build a time machine that can be used to send raw materials into the future. How can this be done, and what would it be good for? As you will see, it is technically possible without breaking the laws of physics. And it could even be useful. If we will ever do so, however, is a different question.

Many technologies we are using today depend on the use of chemical elements that are rare. With today’s rate of consumption, many important materials will only last a few decades, in some cases even only a few years. Since prices remain low until the reserves are nearly finished, recycling rates are low. You can see here a diagram from 2007 showing the estimates back then. Since then, the situation has not improved.

Some people say that prospectors will certainly find more of these materials…

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