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Redefining our Relationship with the Future – Part 2

Embassy of the Future

File:Craquelure (2650813995).jpg

Currently we are treating the future like colonizers of the 19th and early 20th century where treating their overseas colonies. On one hand, we are extracting resources from that “colonized future”, but on the other hand we are projecting some high tech dreams into it, pretending that economic growth can go on indefinitely. But just like those colonies where impoverished and not developed by the colonialization and the “developing nations” are still impoverished in times of neo-colonialism, the “colonized future” will not be developed and not developing, it will be devastated and economy-ravaged.

We need to develop a different attitude towards the future. Instead of a source of unlimited resources (which it isn’t), we should view it as an “area” inhabited by other people. Instead of just exploiting those people, we should enter a peaceful exchange with them. The thought-experiment behind some of the suggestions on this web…

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