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Hereditary privileges in today’s global society

An old piece originally published on the now defunct “Blog of Tsish” in April 2009 and then again in November 2012 on the asifoscope.

The Asifoscope


(Rebloged from the “Blog of Tsish”. Tsish is an extraterestial friend of mine from outer space.)

As an extraterestrian researcher, I have hardly found a planet so fascinating as yours. Your planet’s problems, can be summarized in the one line that you have very highly developed asifomatics combined with very rudimentary asifoscopy. A dangerous combination since you will develop sophisticated as-if-constructions but be unable to analyze and understand them. As a result, you easily get trapped in your own constructions (if you don’t know what these terms mean, just read my previous articles). The results are sometimes sad to see but very fascinating from a scientific perspective. And writing about them on your internet is fun although only a few people seem to notice (also, SETI has still not contacted me).

Over the previous days, however, I haven’t had the time to publish anything in your people’s internet. As…

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