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Dividing the Stream of Perceptions

Originally posted on Creativistic Philosophy:
Roughly speaking, we might think of the process of our perception as dividing our perceptions into several parts or “fractions”. Since the processing capacity of our brain is limited, some part of the information is overlooked or ignored because of information overload. Our perception applies knowledge to the perceptive stream.…

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Gaps and Extensions

Originally posted on Creativistic Philosophy:
We apply knowledge to interpret our perceptions, to develop our thoughts and to plan and execute actions. These activities can be viewed as processes of information processing. The application of knowledge can therefore be viewed as the execution of small programs. Each chunk of knowledge can be viewed as a…

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Voices from the Past

I am currently transcribing letters written by my grandparents in the 1950s and 1960s. It is an interesting experience. My grandfather was a graphic artist and there is also an artist’s estate, see, containing both commercial and non-commercial works. The letters shed some light on some of these things. They provide a glimpse into … Continue reading