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Knowing How and Knowing That

Creativistic Philosophy

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In one comment to my previous post, the question of “episteme (knowing that) versus techne (knowing how)” was brought up. Traditional epistemology focuses very much on propositional knowledge and its truth conditions, i.e. knowledge in the form of statements. The reason for this focus might go back to antiquity, where a clear hierarchy of different forms of knowledge was seen and “techne” (τέχνη) was assigned an inferior position, whereas “episteme” (ἐπιστήμη), a term that can be translated as “science” in some contexts but might just refer to knowledge in the sense of “knowing that” – as indicated by that commentator – was seen as a superior and more interesting form of knowledge.

Most philosophers of those times where aristocrats, who left physical labor to slaves and women. The topics viewed as worthy of their attention and time where theoretical considerations and political discussions, not practical work and…

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