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Dividing the Stream of Perceptions

A concentrate of some of the ideas behind several of my articles, combining ideas from information theory, cybernetics and the theory of creative systems.

Creativistic Philosophy

Roughly speaking, we might think of the process of our perception as dividing our perceptions into several parts or “fractions”.

  • Since the processing capacity of our brain is limited, some part of the information is overlooked or ignored because of information overload.
  • Our perception applies knowledge to the perceptive stream. As a result, part of the information is recognized, some part of it is even expected or predicted. This information might then be dismissed (if it is rated as not important), so it becomes part of the background that is not consciously perceived most of the time. Part might catch our attention because it is relevant or important (which, of course, depends on our current condition and context). So there is some subdivision here. Some of the information might be used to predict or expect further information (i.e. it contains information about other information, so the whole perceptive stream contains…

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