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Civilizations – Part 3

Part 3, concentrating on the likely future of our civilization.

Embassy of the Future

File:Pripyat CentralSquare.jpg


If a civilization outstrips the available resources and does not manage to stop growing, it will use up its reserves (raw materials, ecosystems, biodiversity, land, water, the ability of the environment (including the atmosphere) to take up its waste products, sources of energy) and then it will be too big for the resources that could be available in a sustainable way. It will then collapse, i.e. it will be destroyed by the entropy accumulating inside it, and fall apart. This can be compared to the starvation of an organism. For our industrial, technical civilization, this end is gradually appearing above the horizon. I don’t know when the final collapse is going to happen; I think it is a matter of a few decades, maybe even a hundred years but hardly more. I may not experience it myself (I am in my 50s now) but it will probably…

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