Creativity / Incompleteness / Philosophy

Being and Time

On the relationship between creativity and time.

Creativistic Philosophy


While algorithms are characterized by finite amounts of information, creative systems develop over time, incorporating new information. An algorithm always stays the same, but having a memory means that a creative system grows bit by bit. Although the calculations going on in a system described by an algorithm are processes in time, such a system does not have any historical development, so in the long term, on some level of abstraction, it can be described as a timeless system because after a calculation, they come back to the same state they had before.

An algorithm (I am using the term here as a synonym to “Turing-machine”) describes a system with a fixed structure and fixed laws of operation. It can be described by a formal theory. A creative system, on the other hand, can get out of the scope of description of any formal theory describing it.

A learning system…

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