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You belong into a group by not questioning its unspoken assumptions. This is not something you do consciously or deliberately. The unspoken assumptions, the things that go without saying, are just the background that people often do not even perceive consciously. Philosophy could be defined as seeing, analyzing, and questioning that background, be it in science, in society or politics, in culture or in simple everyday life.

It seems like I have a tendency to such a way of thinking, to look at the implicit background and reflect about things that other people take for granted or don’t even think about. I often find myself not being part of the conversational worlds in which many other people live because I am stepping out of those worlds of things that go without saying for many others. As a result, I often don’t belong. I tend to be kind of an outsider.

It looks like I have always been like this. My aunt just told me the following story: When I was about four years old, at one time my mother complained about the flowers in the garden. Referring to the larkspur and some other flowers, she stated that there was too much blue in the garden at the time.

About two days later, according to my aunt, I suddenly said: “Well, I think there is way too much green in the garden.”

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10 thoughts on “Larkspur

  1. Looking at the picture, there is too much green in the garden.
    You have a way of presenting things in a new perspective.
    There are many things we take for granted.
    Take for example matter. Most of us assume we know it but ask what it is, then heads start spinning

    • Exactly! Even many scientists take it for granted. They operate in a mode of what Thomas Kuhn called “normal science”, applying known methods to problems of a certain class. Only at some points, during scientific crises, do they think further. You can meet an attitude among scientists that philosophy is unnecessary. Indeed most of the time scientists do not need it, but if you look into the writings of people like Bohr and Heisenberg, they are doing a lot of philosophy because they had to deal with a crisis.
      What you are doing is of the same kind. Theology operates inside the framework of a religion, you look at it from the outside.
      When my aunt told me this story, I thought after some time that this might provide a definition of philosophy. All definitions of philosophy are imperfect (because you can also step out on the next meta-level and look at it from the outside) but it covers quite a bit of what I think philosophy is.

  2. I have felt out of step my whole life, only recently have I begun to value it rather than adjusting my stride. In the process I realized most people are missing a lot of what’s going on.

    Keep seeing the green.

    • I guess that is why I find your blog interesting. You have a totally different approach to life. I might discontinue following your life because of lack of time (I have difficulties keeping up with all those blogs I like) but at the moment I find it nice you are back here. How is your child?

      • Thanks! It’s nice to know that I’m interesting to someone 😉 My son is good, he’s taught me quite a few life lessons in the past two years! And thanks for the support, I’m happy to have you for as long as I can

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