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Analytical Spaces

A basic concept underlying many of my thoughts…

Creativistic Philosophy

In this article, I want to start introducing some of the basic ideas underlying the work of Kurt Ammon. Ammon is a mathematician and computer scientist whose work I consider relevant for philosophy in general. Since there has not yet been a sufficient reception of his ideas in philosophy, I want to introduce some of his basic ideas in this and subsequent articles to make them more accessible.

In this article, I want to quote some important sections from “The Automatic Developments of Concepts and Methods“ by Kurt Ammon (University of Hamburg, 1987), specifically the section where the concept of “Analytical spaces” is introduced. I consider  this a very useful philosophical concept.

On page 73, Ammon writes:

Roughly speaking, analytical spaces form the components of creative systems. They consists of consistent but incomplete knowledge and the objects this knowledge refers to. The boundary regions of analytical spaces contain anomalies such…

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