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Explaining Creativity – A Roadmap

An overview of what I am planning to do over the next months over there on the Creativistic Philosophy blog. I am not going to reblog much of that here again since I don’t want to drive my readers away from here 🙂

Creativistic Philosophy


The distinctions made in my previous article seem to have left some of my readers perplexed because it is not quite clear what they are good for. Well, they are the first step of a line of thought that is difficult to put into a single blog article. Unlike scientific articles or books, blog posts should better be short and more or less self-contained, or most people will not read them. Complex matters have to be divided into several articles.

The problem is then that the motivation behind the parts might not become clear until all the pieces of the puzzle are on the table. So let me give a road-map of the whole thing for better orientation. This road-map-article itself is going to be a rather long, but subsequent articles should generally be much shorter. DDon’t worry if some of the details are not getting clear now. From such…

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