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How many species have gone extinct in the more than 1000 days since I wrote this…?

The Asifoscope

File:Pteranodon longiceps mmartyniuk wiki.png

Many poems exist about animals and plants. We should get used to reading poetry about extinct species because we are just in the middle of a mass extinction, this time one not caused by a meteorite impact or an episode of hyper- vulcanism but by ourselves and our hyper greedy civilization. Many of the animals you can read about in poems, like tigers, lions or elephants, might soon be gone forever. Many animals that still existed when I was a child, like the Chinese river dolphin (the Baiji) or the Golden Toad of Costa Rica, are gone forever. Birds, fish, insects, trees, herbs and other plants, spiders, fungi, microorganisms are going the same way, every day.

So get used to reading poems about extinct animals. The Baiji only disappeared recently and I don’t see myself able to write a poem about this sad event already, so to start the genre…

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6 thoughts on “Pteranodon

  1. On the other side of the coin tens of thousands of new species are discovered every year. Welcome to evolution.

  2. Hallo Brother
    I just learned on my tour guiding trip that in German we have two diffferent words for the English word going extinct.
    If it has to do with things that is caused by humans it is “ausgerottet”, while if it happened without human influence it is “ausgestorben”. I was not aware of that. So all the birds we lost in New Zealand since the Maori arrived up to today are all “ausgerottet”…

    • I think “ausgerottet” is a subset of “ausgestorben”. In English you could say “driven to extinction (by humans)”.

  3. The other day I saw a documentary about hunting in Africa. For 120.000 dollar you can shoot an elephant for ‘the kick’. It was raised in captivity; it’s in a fenced area, so that it can not escape; and it’s drugged, so that it won’t move too much. When the kill is made the hero-hunter is photographed on top of his capture, to save this moment of victory for eternal use… Lions are cheaper. The people who breed this wildlife, explained that they use the money they make with these ‘arranged-holiday-hunts’ to prevent animals from extinction, because they are able to control the killing… brrr. People are Small..

    • Sounds rather psychopathic to me. A colonial style hunting picture as a personality prosthesis for people with lots of money and neither self-esteem nor character. Such people belong into a psychiatric ward.

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