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Starting to Dig

I have started a new blog on which I am going to publish, occasionally, articles on topics in the history of philosophy I find interesting. At the moment, the focus is on some lesser known currents of early 20th century philosophy. Only some of these articles are going to be reblogged on the Asifoscope, especially reflexive articles that are on a meta-level. Most of what I am intending to publish there is too special for the Asifoscope, hece I decided to start a separate blog for this purpose. If you are interested, just please subscribe.

Philosophical Excavations


I am starting to do some “philosophical archaeology” here. I do not mean this in the literal sense, my digging campaigns are not going to carry me into remote places to dig out clay tablets or papyri. They will carry me, instead, into libraries, into used-book-shops, into some corners of the internet, and, in some cases, even just into the dustier corners of my own bookshelf.

If you look into recent histories of philosophy or into recent philosophy dictionaries, you are going to find some standard narrative about how philosophy developed, and you are going to see the same names again and again. If you look into older dictionaries and histories of philosophy, however, or into older journals of philosophy, and if you scan the names on the covers of old philosophy books, you find that there are many more names, even whole currents of philosophy that somehow did not make…

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