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A caricature of me, created years ago by Kenji, one of my Japanese teachers. Meanwhile, my hair has become less and my wisdom (I hope) has increased. People tell me I often actually look like that ( I am not sad or angry, just in thoughts...).

A caricature of me, created years ago by Kenji, one of my Japanese teachers. Meanwhile, my hair has become less and my wisdom (I hope) has increased. People tell me I often actually look like that ( I am not sad or angry, just in thoughts…).

About 30 years later, on a beach in Limbe, Cameroon

About 30 years later, on a beach in Limbe, Cameroon


My name is Andreas Keller. I live in Cologne, Germany. My nick name is Nannus. Looks like I am some kind of nerd 🙂

If you are interested in what I am interested in then follow my blog.

My alter ego, Tsish, the extraterrestrial, also wants to say something:

About myself.

Everybody is an alien, almost everywhere!

I am Tsish, the extraterrestrial. I have studied interplanetary history and asifology and I am currently working on the T-Planet, also known as Earth.

My main technologies are the asifomat and the asifoscope. While the asifomat enables me to create as-if-bubbles, the asifoscope enables me to see and analyze existing ones. An as-if-bubble contains objects that don’t exist outside of it. You enter the bubble by performing an as-if-operation. Inside, these things are real. My space ship exists inside an as-if-bubble created using my asifomat, which means I do as if it is there.

Using my asifomat, I was able to connect my space ship to the living room of Nannus, an inhabitant of the T-Planet, by means of a spiral staircase. That way, I am connected to his W-LAN, so I can study your internet and blog there. I also like the personal talks with Nannus, his bookshelf and a good drink together. We drink different things due to our different metabolisms, but that does not matter. He likes lambic beer and red wine and too much coffee, I like flrx (a nice kind or srsh).

I am not a native speaker of English. I am using an advanced translator, since my language is sounding like static noise with some buzzing sounds inside to you people. The name Tsish is a phonetic approximation. Sorry if the grammar is sometimes wrong or the style a little quirky.



42 thoughts on “Old About Page

  1. Nannus, I’d like to follow your blog by email so I’m using this comment to access the “Notify me of new posts via email” option.

      • Yes, your point is well taken. I’ll visit that pasted link shortly. Meantime, you may check out my “best fruits,” via my blog posts/stories. You’re welcome to share your “likes,” written thoughts and or simply make yourself at home. 😊

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  3. I was working on the first image! This was who I was communicating with…… I’m very much enjoying your thoughts.

  4. I read a few of your posts and out of curiosity clicked on a few tags. You have an interesting and intriguing perspective!

    • You are invited to follow :-). A trial period is for free and afterwards it is also for free. Caution: It might take your time and it might inspire your thoughts. If not. you can always unfollow again.

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    • Hope to see more of it in the future. I would like to learn more about the techniques you are using (if that is not top secret) :-).

    • Thanks for passing by. I like your abstract art. I like abstract art in general. Hope to see more from you in the future, abstract or not. 🙂

  7. Love your blog! Great topics! Hope to participate more and discuss your articles further soon!!

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  9. Your blog looks fascinating! I can’t wait to see what you will post next. I can tell I’ll learn a lot from you, which makes me happy. Always looking around in a 350 degree circumference to see what the world has to offer next. Maybe I should have been born an owl. 😉

    • Thank you, I am happy if can provide some inspiration.
      The owl is not the worst choice as a totem since it is a symbol of wisdom.
      The way they can turn their heads is truly fascinating. Sometimes, you have to let go the comfort of the branch you are sitting on to be able to look into the remaining 10 degrees. But then, you can fly 🙂

      • Exactly! And I do love them… since the 1970’s made them a popular jewelry item (when I was a kid) and then I have just likened my grad school aspirations currently to a “wise old owl” seeking education… flapping my wings hard, learning how to fly in new directions!! 😀

  10. Welcome to dragonshades Nannus and Tsish. I have been photographing your home planets for some time now and am intrigued by both of them. Having learned most of what I know about humans from animals I am still trying to identify what it is that makes us different from our best friends. Delighted to have been introduced to your blog and very pleased that you have become a follower.

  11. Nice mind you have there! I don’t always have time to read your posts. However, when I do, I feel special, because I understand. 😉

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