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Recommended book: The Cyberiad

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
One of my favorite authors is Stanislaw Lem. One of my favorite books of him (and one of my favorite books in general) is “The Cyberiad”. Look here for a sample from that book (“How the world was saved”) explaining the real reason why the night sky is so empty: I…

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Individuality, Historicity and Creativity

We are writing blogs because we are individually different. We are reading blogs because each of the other bloggers is different. This individuality is typically human. What we are doing here is typically human. It is typically human that there is nothing typical in us. Compare this to a simple animal like a butterfly. You … Continue reading

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Some thoughts about myself

Today I want to write something about myself. There is a test called the “AQ-Test“, the “Autism-Spectrum Quotient” test. If you search for “AQ Test” on the internet, you are going to find it. It consists of 50 statements where you can tick one of “definitely agree”, “slightly agree”, “slightly disagree” or “definitely disagree”. If … Continue reading

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Over time, I have noticed that I am increasingly interested in essays and similar forms of literature, as well as in poems, while my interest in novels and fiction has decrease (with a few exceptions). One of my favorite texts is the Hojoki, a Japanese autobiographic text written by  Kamo no Chōmei ( 1153 or 1155–1216). ( You … Continue reading

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The dirty thumb – About Albrecht Fabri

Albrecht Fabri’s collected works fill just one volume. But this single book is a very concentrated distillate of interesting thoughts. One of my favorite books! (for the source of this picture see ) After Fabri died in 1998, his collected writings appeared as a book titled “Der schmutzige Daumen” (The dirty thumb). It looks like … Continue reading