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Excerpts from the Field Research Notes of Tsish – Part 1

Readers who are familiar with this blog might know that sometimes, my extraterrestrial friend Tsish is writing here as a guest blogger. I had not heard from Tsish for quite some time. Now, I have received some excerpts of Tsish’s research notes. “As an asifologist,” Tsish writes, “I am increasingly fascinated by the culture of … Continue reading

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Wearable Abstract Art

Special products are the result of special ideas and emerge from long experience and a deep understanding of the properties of the underlying materials and processes. In my recent article Randomness and Control – using the example of Gerhard Richter’s abstract paintings – I have described the aesthetic effects resulting from a combination of those aspects of a … Continue reading

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I like hand-made things and I like textile art. Besides my interest in abstract art, one reason for this is probably that my sister Christine Keller, now living and working in New Zealand, is a textile designer and weaver. Since I like abstract art with partially irregular forms, the textiles that especially appeal to my taste … Continue reading

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Growth and Creativity

Each species has a rate of reproduction that adapts or has adapted to its risk of death. As a result, populations will fluctuate but will in most cases remain more or less stable over time. Human beings are the animal that has creativity and as a result, technology. When the first people started making the … Continue reading