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Power and Creativity

The human mind and human societies can be viewed as programmable systems. The way we think, i.e. process information, can be influenced by other information we absorb or create, so the rules or laws that act upon the information we perceive consist to a great deal of information perceived before or after. As a result, … Continue reading

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Dogma and Kitsch

In addition to my previous article (On Kitsch) just a few more (by no means exhaustive) thoughts on this topic: It seems to me that ideological thinking is characterized by the absence of reflection. With reflection I mean the presence of a meta-level of thinking from which thoughts (including thoughts on that meta-level itself) can … Continue reading

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On Kitsch

I am currently thinking about the phenomenon of Kitsch. My thoughts about this very complex and multifaceted topic only cover a few aspects of it and are by no means finished, but let me share them with you. Kitsch may be defined as something that appears beautiful if viewed from a lower level of education but from … Continue reading

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A letter from outer space – Part III

Here is Part II of the Letter I received from my extraterrestrial friend Tsish. You can find the first parts here and here Fortunately, I had my asifomat and asifoscope still with me, so I quickly fixed the bug in the program and my space ship reappeared. The corroded smoking holes where gone, … Continue reading