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Civilizations – Part 1

Originally posted on Embassy of the Future:
Civilizations have two important properties: they are dissipative systems, and they are creative systems. A dissipative system is a physical system that maintains its state by turning resources from a usable form into an unusable waste form. In terms of physics (specifically: thermodynamics) one can describe them as…

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Redefining our Relationship with the Future – Part 1

Originally posted on Embassy of the Future:
The suggestions I have been making on this blog might seem unfamiliar, so I want to explain some of the considerations behind them. In some states at least, human rights are implemented in terms of laws and institutions. Generally, the human-rights-situation is better in countries that have human…

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Can Democracy Survive the Internet?

Over the last years, available storage capacity and processing power has increased tremendously. An increasing part of our lives is based on the internet. Governments have started to use this technology for surveillance as well as manipulation of citizens. The justification given for surveillance is security. Some people could do things that are dangerous, so … Continue reading