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Reading Stories

Originally posted on The Kellerdoscope:
“Oma-Ebersdorf ließt vor und Svend lauscht…” (Grandma Ebersdorf is reading to him and Svend is listening…) How much is in these three little dots… Rolf Keller’s mother was living in Ebersdorf, near Chemnitz (nowadays a part of the city). His other grandmother was living in Hamburg, so there was “Oma…

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You belong into a group by not questioning its unspoken assumptions. This is not something you do consciously or deliberately. The unspoken assumptions, the things that go without saying, are just the background that people often do not even perceive consciously. Philosophy could be defined as seeing, analyzing, and questioning that background, be it in … Continue reading

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Deportation – Friday Fictioneers

Sciencel fiction The door did not open. He looked on the screen of his glasses. “Access denied, please contact the caretaker service”. “Why can I not enter, it’s my apartment!” “Just follow the navigation!” Instructions appeared. “I hate this system” he thought, “and I will say it loudly again!” But he followed the way indicated. … Continue reading

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Home metallurgy

My father was a teacher of material science in a professional school, teaching young people learning some metalworking profession. So as a child, I learnt already something about heat treatment of steel, about “Austenite” and “Martensite”, the “lattice face centered crystal system” and other stuff you can nowadays look up in the internet if you … Continue reading