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Hereditary privileges in today’s global society

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
(Rebloged from the “Blog of Tsish”. Tsish is an extraterestial friend of mine from outer space.) As an extraterestrian researcher, I have hardly found a planet so fascinating as yours. Your planet’s problems, can be summarized in the one line that you have very highly developed asifomatics combined with very rudimentary…

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Excerpts from the Field Research Notes of Tsish – Part 2

Here is another part of the asifological research notes of my extraterestrial friend Tsish (see Part 1 here). As you mght know, Tsish is an extraterestrial scientist studying terrestrial culture. He recently sent me his research notes and I have decided to publish some parts of them since it is interesting to get an outsider’s … Continue reading

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Excerpts from the Field Research Notes of Tsish – Part 1

Readers who are familiar with this blog might know that sometimes, my extraterrestrial friend Tsish is writing here as a guest blogger. I had not heard from Tsish for quite some time. Now, I have received some excerpts of Tsish’s research notes. “As an asifologist,” Tsish writes, “I am increasingly fascinated by the culture of … Continue reading