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Translating in the Dark

Originally posted on Diotima's Ladder:
I’m working on a project with Andreas (you may know him as “Nannus”) to translate Frege’s “On the Scientific Justification of a Concept Script,” which is funny since I don’t know much about Frege—close to nothing—and I don’t speak German. Nannus, however, is a native German speaker with a…

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“Reality always has more properties than are derivable from any of our theories about it.” That was the first sentence of the first article on this blog, published on November 18th 2012. On the 365th day since then, the evening before this blog’s first anniversary, I am taking a look back. During this year, that … Continue reading

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Recommended book: The Cyberiad

Originally posted on The Asifoscope:
One of my favorite authors is Stanislaw Lem. One of my favorite books of him (and one of my favorite books in general) is “The Cyberiad”. Look here for a sample from that book (“How the world was saved”) explaining the real reason why the night sky is so empty: I…

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Deportation – Friday Fictioneers

Sciencel fiction The door did not open. He looked on the screen of his glasses. “Access denied, please contact the caretaker service”. “Why can I not enter, it’s my apartment!” “Just follow the navigation!” Instructions appeared. “I hate this system” he thought, “and I will say it loudly again!” But he followed the way indicated. … Continue reading

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Aesthetics and Pedagogics

In my recent article On Beauty I described the experience of beauty as being situated at the border between boredom and confusion. Between these two states of mind there is a “beauty zone” where we experience what we see or hear as beautiful, interesting or fascinating. I see here a possible connection to pedagogics. As … Continue reading